Monday, 8 October 2007

Product Code: N5

Product Description: A teardrop pendant together with other 'ling longs' such as a green heart, blue pearls, etc..

Price: SDG 8

Quantity: 1

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Hey babes.. =)

Due that I am currently working, I would not have time to create and upload new products.. I also do not have time to check your new orders. But I will try to contact you asap..

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Thanks! =)

Thursday, 9 August 2007


remakes available

Product Code: B5

Product Description: A sweet, cute bracelet in the colors of purple and blue. Fancy having all the love and stars on earth? Wear them around on your wrist now!

Price: SGD6

Quantity: 1

Product Code: E4
Product Description: Can't own a real giraffe in real life right? How about owning this cute, mini giraffe? Isn't he cute?? ^^
Price: SGD5
Quantity: 1 (Sold 1)

Product Code: N4
Product Description: A dazzling gold star added to multiple beads in candy colors. This necklace is best paired with a collar top.
Price: SGD8
Quantity: 1

Product Code: N3
Product Description: Gini rabbit loves being hang around as a necklace! Isn't she naughty? =p
Price: SGD8
Quantity: 1
[chain is 55cm long in length]

Product Code: B4
Product Description: Small milky purple beads matched along with Fuchsia Swarovski beads. A white clay rose with pink centre has been added for a elegant yet sweet look.
Price: SGD6
Quantity: 1 *no remakes*

Product Code: O1
Product Description: A lost, white kitty has been found! The owner please contact BubbleDreamz asap!
Price: SGD3.50
Quantity: 2
[For necklace = SGD6]

Product Code: E3
Product Description: Here is the cute rabbit, Gini.. She has long legs which enable her to run fast! (tot rabbits hop o.O) Definitely a cute earring ^^ Her legs can move.
Price: SGD5 (for 1 side)
Quantity: 3

Friday, 3 August 2007

Product Code: N2

Product Description: A blue pumps with a beautiful hot pink flower. A simple yet sweet necklace

Price: SGD6

Quantity: 1

[chain is 42cm long in length]

Product Code: B3

Product Description: A bracelet with faux creamy green pearls along with a butterfly charm.

Price: SGD7

Quantity: 1 *no remakes*

Product Code: H3
Product Description: This pink, sweet, crystal butterfly is looking for a handphone to settle down.
Price: SGD8
Quantity: 1
(*ps: more colours coming up soon =p)

Product Code: B2
Product Description: A bracelet with faux creamy green pearls along with a sweet heart charm. Sure makes your day feeling sweet! =)
Price: SGD9
Quantity: 1

Product Code: N1

Product Description: A Tinkerbell is flying in search for its owner. It has a pair of beautiful, glittering wings.

Price: SGD20

Quantity: 1

[chain is 80cm long in length, pendant is 6cm long in size]

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Product Code: H2
Product Description: Another version on H1. A sweeter piece of work. A ribbon is added instead of a star. Cute too, right? ^^
Price: SGD4.50
Quantity: 3 for each color
(*ps: please state the color u want when ordering. thanks! =])

Close up

Product Code: E2

Product Description: A fairy paired up with a clear teardrop and a purple heart. It can be worn as a single side or as a pair =)

Price: SGD4(for 1 side)
Quantity: 2

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Product Code: H1

Product Description: A sweet handphone accessory. A blue/clear dolphin being matched together with hearts and star. Isn't it sweet? ^^

Price: SGD4

Quantity: 3 for each color
(*ps: please state the color u want when ordering. thanks! =])


remakes available

Close up on details
Product Code: B1
Product Description: A blue-star bracelet. Blue beads connected together with star charms. A sweet looking piece of work
Price: SGD5
Quantity: 1 in stock

Product Code: E01

Product Description: A pair of candy looking earrings. Looks retro too..

Price: SGD3

Quantity: 1 pair for each color

(*ps: please state which pair u want when ordering. thanks! =])